Friday, January 23, 2015

FRIDAYfinds! - Are you a Marsala fan?

We're talking about the COLOR


not the wine...

Get ready to see a lot more of this lusty color in 2015!

As Pantone's Color of the Year,
Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute
describes it this way,
"This earthy yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily
to fashion, beauty, industrial design
home furnishings and interiors"

It's not everyone's favorite, but the way I see it,
it's gorgeous translated into this rich damask fabric, 
 a quilted Chanel bag....

via google images

via Manolo Blahnik
these to-die-for Manolos!


But how is this sophisticated hue going to 
make its way into the interior design world?

via Surya
We're already seeing it woven into lush geometric rugs and accent pillows.

Use it as the foundation for your color scheme with an area rug, accent wall
via google images

Make it the focal point with one singular piece like this sofa.

I also see it popping up as a small detail...
Kravet trims
as a trimming on neutral drapes or
border on a sofa skirt.
A little goes a long way!

My take on this color?
I'm intrigued.  
There's something very familiar about it,
almost a throwback to the terra cotta of the 70's
but much more intense.
Not quite 80's burgundy either.
It's both new and old, which I find interesting.

I'm excited to see the newest translations 
at High Point Market in April!
I'll be circling back to this so keep in touch.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

DESIGN RADAR 2015 - My Top Three

Is it 2015 ALREADY?
Seems like we were just celebrating the turn of the century!
Think back to the year 2000...
What would you have predicted interior design trends to be 15 years into the future?

Some predictions have been fairly, well,... "Predictable"
but I would say that many more were not even on the radar!

Yes, we expected technology to play a major role in molding our interior spaces,
but the big surprise to me has been the
increasing demand for authenticity within those "high-tech" environments.

 We want our gadgets and toys with us at all times, but
we want to enjoy them in a space that feels connected to the natural world.
Our love of organic materials is emerging as an interesting counterpoint to
 the technology we've come to depend on everyday.
Could it be that opposites attract?

 design trends 
promise to energize the spirit,
 soothe the soul
and complement our ever-changing 

With that in mind, what's on my radar for 2015?

Arteriors Kazu dining table
The organic trend had been with us for a while, but
what's new is that it's being stripped down to it's purist form.
Instead of stylized replicas of wood and stone,
we're now seeing the "real deal" being played out in furniture and accessories.
 "One of a kind" pieces draw us in to take a closer look;
to explore and admire their uniqueness.

Emporium Home Agate Chandelier


Jamie Drake for Soicher-Marin
Phone snaps, Pinterest, and the world of social media
has created a whole new level of visual awareness.
We love capturing the "essence" of an event
or a fleeting detail in the landscape with our phones, and
we want to immortalize these images for our homes.
Enter technology!
With advancements in digital printing, we can reproduce almost anything,
in any size, in any variation.
The image can be manipulated to give you a micro close up view
like the artwork above, called "Orange and Green Monarch"
or blown up to cover an entire wall.

bamboo grove wall mural via


Lillian August for Hickory White
A far cry from your grandmother's version,
the new traditional is modern and full of surprises!
It's timeless in reference but has been reinvented in a way
that excites the senses.
There's a comfort in seeing familiar shapes, patterns and colors,
The difference now is that designers are amplifying the familiar to
create totally updated furnishings that respond to our current lifestyles.
Even the four poster bed is enjoying a revival.
 But the Celerie Kemble bed below is definitely a new take
on the classic.
It's the perfect mix of luxe and high style!

Celerie Kemble Ferrus bed for Henredon

It's a new year and it's looking bright!
The spirit and creativity of the style makers in the design world
are making our living environments even better.
With each new introduction, we are given more fabulous choices
to create our perfect "nest"

So here's to 2015...
May it energize, 
your life today.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Special Delivery - Holiday Decor Tip #2

With the holiday revving up and time slipping away
I think the best strategy to successful
decorating is to
"Keep it simple!"
 The most elegant is often the least overworked design.

So with that said, I bring you...


via Pinterest

I Love this idea!
I'm talking about the fresh evergreen swags
casually draped over the drapery panels.

It instantly sets a festive mood without being too fussy.
The bows are a nice touch,
but I think I would play up the natural theme with
pinecones and berries.

The goal is to create the holiday atmosphere
with minimal effort.
The affect is fresh and uncontrived.

Go for it!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Special Delivery - Holiday Decor Tip #1

With the holidays in full swing, 
I'm thinking about my blog friends.


I know you are ALL as busy as I am, 
trying to shuffle work and pleasure,
decorating and entertaining,
and the often miserable weather outside...

So I thought, 
"What would be a nice little "cyber" gift 
I could share with you to make the season just a bit more enjoyable
and less hectic?"

A couple of years ago I posted
The Twelve Days of  Decorating Design Tips
I included tips from my own home as well as
great ideas from some of the best in the business,
Scot Meacham Wood
Katherine Greeley
the Hable Sisters

courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood

It was such a hit that it just seems natural to
offer it up again, with some new ideas
mixed in.

So here's to you, my friends...
some fresh ways to add holiday glamour to your home!


Bring out your old silver 
and create a winter garden tablescape

via Pinterest
Mini evergreen trees are so cute
cropping out of this silver tea set

via Pinterest
A Silver bowl makes the perfect container for Paperwhites.
And the green and silver balls make it so updated! 

via At Home in Arkansas
Elevated drama! 
Can you think of a better way to 
repurpose your hand-me-down compote? 

I'm not one to stash away family heirlooms.
I want to use them as much as possible.
It's so delightful to see how they can be transformed into
something totally fresh and unique,
especially during the holiday season. 

So go on a little scavenger hunt and uncover
some hidden treasures of your own to embellish.
Whether it's tarnished silver, or a set of tea cups,
use your imagination to make them shine this Christmas!

I'll be back with a few more decorating tips
so keep in touch.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Color track - Pear!

It's coming!  
I know it's still Fall out there but we're already seeing 
the Spring lines from our fabric reps.

And the hot color that's emerging is 



It's a cool mix of citron with a little neon thrown in.
Not quite yellow....OR green
but a energetic kind of color that makes you look twice!

Following the current trend of all things organic,
it's hard to imagine this high octane color really exists in nature...

via Color World trend report

But clearly its abundant!  
Think luscious fruit and the vibrancy of the rain forest.
And as you can see, teamed up with these other saturated colors,
"Pear" can play a leading role or take a back seat.

Global Views ice vase-Limeade
This gorgeous art glass even mimics the shape of a pear!

Lorts showroom
I'm crazy about this combo!  What could be better than a jolt of "Pear" 
in this soothing neutral room?  
It takes it to a whole new level of sophistication.
Note the touches of this color carried around the room.

 Thibaut Novia fabric

But I have to say this is my favorite mix.  
Blue and white just got fresher with the introduction of Pear!

Looking towards a fun spring palette
to brighten up our dreary days ahead.


Friday, October 24, 2014

FRIDAYfinds! - Furniture as sculpture

Does it get any more beautiful than this?

Greg Klassen table

The perfect melding of organics and technology!

This furniture designer has introduced a line of tables incorporating hand-cut glass
running through the center of wood pieces salvaged from decaying trees.
His inspiration?  The rugged land and sea of the Pacific Northwest.



Friday, October 3, 2014


With High Point Market 
just around the corner...

Natural Curiosities "Daedalus"

I'm getting a taste of some of the great surprises that await!

Several trends are bubbling up that will guide the direction
of design for the coming year.
Some are familiar and lasting.

Can you think of a more striking image than the Daedalus artwork above?
It's made up of 3000 hand painted feathers arranged in concentric circles.

"What makes is so "New" 
is the redesign of a simple organic form like a feather."

By itself, a feather is just a feather, 
but in aggregate a single feather becomes an integral
part of a powerful, dynamic whole.

We are going to see a lot more of this 
"REinvention of nature" trend-  
taking beautiful forms from nature and 
recreating them in totally fresh ways.

Hancock and Moore Deco chair
There's something else going on that almost "defies" the nature trend.
Rather than emphasis on organic, it showcases the triumph of modern technology.
I'm talking about production capabilities that allow designers to dream the impossible.
No longer are furniture designs dictated by manufacturing constraints.
If the concept is there, it can be reproduced.
This beautiful yellow leather chair is a case in point.
Full of curves, it's high style!
Yes, it's still a "wing" chair, but not like the past.
Technology makes it possible to create this sinuous shape.

"The Sillouette" trend
is gaining ground in furniture design 
as more attention is given to
the "form" as well as the "function"

Regina-Andrew Sea Fan Chandelier
If you've kept up with my blog, 
you KNOW how much I love lighting!

I just couldn't resist including this gorgeous piece
in my Fall lineup.

"Lighting as sculpture" trend
is here to stay.  It's been around for a while
"It just keeps getting better!"

Just when I think they've exhausted the creative think tank,
another beauty like this Sea Fan chandelier makes it's debut.

Imagine seeing THIS as you walk through the front door!
Show stopper, for sure.

So much excitement is building around Fall Market
and I'm here to pass along the hottest trends that will be there.

There's more to come so check back.
Happy Friday!