Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of my followers recently wrote,  "I LOVE sunburst mirrors but I'm not sure where to hang one.  Can you make some suggestions?"
Think unexpected places and your mirror will take on a new life!  Although sunburst mirrors are classic, they're no longer confined to formal spaces, thanks to all the new translations of this timeless design element.
 I placed this mirror above a table in a multi-purpose room I designed for the Bellarmine Showhouse.  By day, the room is used as an office with a very functional desk.  At night, it converts to a cozy guest bedroom and the table becomes a great vanity!  Notice the scale of the mirror. A smaller size would not have had the same effect. I often play with proportion and scale to create a more interesting space.  This room was quite small but with bold use of citrus green grass cloth on the walls and key accessories like the sunburst mirror, it became large with visual impact!

The silver finish on this sunburst is far from stuffy!  How beautiful would it be above a mirrored chest in a foyer?

I love the use of stained wood and small scale of the mirror glass.
Consider this your statement piece above a sofa in a den.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color Shock

A great way to bring your room up-to-date is with a shot of color. It only takes one signature piece to change the whole attitude of a space.  Imagine this screen mixed with a neutral sofa and a pair of chairs.  It's a perfect room divider too!

Wouldn't these little tables just make you smile when you walked in a room?  Think of new ways to use them. Add more seating by sliding a small upholstered ottoman under the aqua coffee table, or bunch two pink tables together in front of a sofa for twice the impact.
This green chest would really pop in a blue painted room.


Monday, February 20, 2012

It's All In The Bag!

Bringing samples to my clients becomes much more fun when I carry everything in my favorite Glenda Gies tote!  Functionality meets bohemian chic with her creative use of one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics that are put together in such inventive ways.

 I picked up my tote (in my favorite coral color) at High Point Market last fall and put it to work instantly to carry all the catalogs and samples I had collected. But what I've have found since bringing it home is that this roomy bag is much more versatile than I thought.  I carry it to the gym when I work out with my trainer and then on weekends, it's the perfect size for a quick trip out of town to see my daughter. It's handled groceries, flowers, books, and whatever else I'm trying to move from point A to B.
Once warmer days return, I'll reluctantly put it away for the season and pull out my Spring bag.  But for now, I'm happy to "weather" the storm with my cheerful tote by my side!


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Creative Process

As a designer, it is important to know how to mix many different elements together in a space. In developing a new room design, I pull lots of great resources from my studio to help me visualize the concept. With two floors of samples to choose from, the possibilities are only limited by my imagination!

Samples of  fabrics, flooring, and anything else that provides inspiration give me the foundation to build my scheme.

My studio, a converted bungalow, is a pleasure to work in with lots of natural light (a critical ingredient in design) and enough space to house many necessary resources.  It's wonderful to have everything at my fingertips throughout the creative process. How lucky I am to work in such a comfortable environment!

Follow me in upcoming posts as I explore the world of design, from exquisite products to lifestyle trends that will move you to create YOUR perfect enviroment.

Embrace the joys of good design!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome Back!

This is an exciting time as I launch my newly designed blog!  When I first started blogging, it was primarily a way to chronicle my design for the KY Old Governor's Mansion, from start to finish.  I was thrilled with the overwhelming response from all of my followers and decided to expand the blog to include more design trends, projects and lifestyle features. I hope you enjoy the new format and remember to "Embrace the joys of good design".