Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gold Glam

I love all the metals but I'm particularly fond of 
It's magical in the way it casts its glow on a room.
Whether in small doses or as a focal point, gold has the power to make everything else look great!
Currey Nefret Chair
New introductions coming out of High Point are all about the gold.
Everything from exotic to contemporary is getting the treatment.
This chair will definitely find a home in one of my projects.
One is enough but imagine the impact!

Lillian August room scene
Let me COUNT the ways I love this vignette! The gold starburst mirror has my name all over it.
And the plum slipper chair with gold nail head trim is so of-the-moment.
See my recent post "Trending the Purples"

Global Views deep pockets vase
This reminds me of a rare amber artifact.
I'm seeing it displayed on a fabulous pedestal with directional light to bring out its inner glow.

Currey Confetti Cube Pendant

Perfect marriage of handmade craftsmanship and edgy drama.
A mere 12" in diameter, it's small but spectacular!


Monday, September 24, 2012

FRIDAYfinds - Bobo Wrapping Scarves

Today's weather reminds me that Fall is almost here.  
And I love all that it brings - especially when it comes to entertaining!
Getting an invitation to a gathering at a friend's home is the best, in my book.
But if you're like me, you're always searching for the perfect hostess gift.

Maybe it's not so much "what" you bring, 
but the loving care that goes into the presentation.

How beautiful is this!
I recently discovered the Bobo wrapping scarf on-line and I'm a huge fan!
Not only because it's so gorgeous, but because of its history and relevance today.

The wrapping scarf is not a new concept.
It has been a part of Asian culture for centuries.
Originally known as Bojagi,
it is the perfect "GREEN" solution to gift wrapping.
No more tossed paper and ribbon.

What hostess could resist this little gem?
And I've got the neatest gift to tuck inside...

I've been selling these fabulous diffusers for several years now in our studio.
And they lend themselves so well to the art of fabric wrapping!
Manufactured in a small factory in Aiglun, France
they are still made using only natural essential oils and beetroot alcohol.
The result is a captivating aroma that will fragrance your room up to 3 months.

I can't wait to present my Bobo gift to a good friend!
Hope you 're inspired to do the same.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Magnificent Homes of America - James Madison's Montpelier

I can't decide what I love the most about this incredible property,
the rolling landscape around it or the classical proportions of the house itself.
What a beautiful drive it was through the winding roads of hunt country in Virginia.
And the weather was beautiful too.  In fact, our guide told me, 
"There are about 10 days out of the year when the weather is just perfect here
and you're lucky enough to have one of them today!"

This is the view that James Madison enjoyed 
while writing the Constitution in his study on the second floor.
It would definitely be inspirational to me!

Inside, a facinating glimpse of the restoration in-progress, which began in 2003.  
In the closet, they discovered a small piece of the original wallpaper.  I love detective stories!

Much of the house still remains unfurnished. 
The major concentration has been to return the structure to it's original form,
which was completed on Constitution Day , Sept.17, 2008.
Since then, efforts have been made to find and acquire the original furnishings 
The Cockburn side chair is one the the few pieces that has survived.  
I was intrigued with the heart motif and asked the guide about it .
It was typical of venacular carpentry work in the 1700's and a signature of 
Robert Walker, who was the mentor of the chair designer, Robert Cockburn.

Outside, I enjoy a teachable moment with James and Dolly!

But I saved the best for last - Madison's Temple.
Situated on the north yard, it is a fitting symbol of Madison's genius.

"He chose the architecture of the ancient republic of Rome 
to symbolize his dreams for the new american republic"
Montpelier Foundation


Saturday, September 15, 2012

FRIDAYfinds! - Pre-Market Gems

The excitement is mounting as we approach High Point Market in October.  
I'm sensing a new optimism in the air 
with each email I receive from my favorite manufacturers as they prepare to roll out
fabulous new introductions in their showrooms.
Here's a look at some of my top Pre-Market picks!

Jonathan Charles Luxe collection
Two trends combine in this gorgeous collection - Minimalism and Gold.
I love the organics of  walnut mixed with sleek frames!

Global  Views Intaglio vases
Mid-Century design is hotter than ever!
Reinterpreted for today's interiors with bold graphics and vivid orange,
Pantone's color of the year.

Pearson room setting with #306 chair and ottoman
Well stated, Pearson!
We continue to crave our "cocoon" as a place to rest and renew
and this cushy wing answers the call.

Chelsea House 68037 Chandelier 
How chic is this?  Lighting has evolved into an art form.

Hooker Mirrored Plaid Chest
Mirrored pieces are as popular as ever.
Manufacturers are responding with fresh takes on this favorite trend.
I'm lovin' the subtle plaid pattern on this transitional chest from Hooker!

More to come in October when I'll take you "BEHIND THE SCENES" at Market.



Saturday, September 8, 2012


J. Waddell Interiors 2012 Bellarmine Showhouse  
With the elegant Preview Party on Thursday night, 
the show house was officially opened and ready for viewing.

I know I look calm and collected here 
but up to the last minute, I was tweeking the room...
Ferns to be watered (yes, they're the real deal), glass to be cleaned
and repositioning the chairs so that they were angled "just right"

You've heard me say it before, but I'm obsessed with details.
They can make or break a room.
A wonderful mentor of mine from a show house years ago 
gave me this advice, which I religiously follow,
Thanks Alice.


FRIDAYfinds! - Trending the Purples

With High Point Market just around the corner in October, 
I'm placing bets on the staying power of

Kravet 3127

It's already showing up in great geometric fabrics like this one
but I predict we will be seeing it in everything related to the home,
from artwork to lamps and beyond.

YSL Tribute Platform T-strap
As usual, we're taking our cue from the fashion runways.
I'm lovin' this plum and gold combo from YSL.

Pearson showroom setting
Restraint is sometimes the best choice, as seen in this room setting by Pearson.
The fuschia flowers offer the perfect counterpoint to the neutral upholstery.

Lillian August showroom setting with lavender chairs
Purple is the color of royalty.
What could be more elegant for your dining room?

I'll be searching for more of this cool trend when I go to market.
Check back with me.