Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Would I put this in MY home?

I saw lots of goodies at Market, but the question I always ask myself is...
This is the litmus test for whether a product makes it into my resource library.
So today I'm sharing my top picks and why they "passed the test"

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair
This vignette designed by Alexa Hampton using her signature pieces
is the epitome of updated luxury.
I love it because it's traditional but definitely not expected.
It has a clean aesthetic that speaks to the way we live now - uncluttered, comfortable and elegant.

This petite chandelier has so much going for it.
The overscaled frosted glass beads create a luminous glow that would be killer in a powder room!
It made my list because it's a fresh new take on a classic design.

Pearson 9845 Cabinet
My third pick is a Deco-Inspired chest from Pearson that's wrapped in faux Shagreen.  Why?
Just look at the attention to detail.
Beautiful lines and impeccable craftsmanship add up to an heirloom-in-the-making!
And I have to admit I'm a big fan of Deco...

Van Thiel Map Room
I've always been drawn to the art of printmaking and having a source like this is
my equivalent to being a "kid in a candy store"! 
Not only are there thousands of antique maps in here, 
but the other engraved images are equally unique and engaging.
I selected this because I believe that what's on your walls should be as fabulous as the
furniture you place in a room.  And antiques add a layer of patina that you can't get any other way.

Hooker Chic Coterie Home Organizer
I'm the mother of two grown children 
so there's always a practical side to my design.
This Hooker piece gets my vote for successfully blending function with beauty. 
And oh how I wish it had been available when my kids were young!
It is actually part of the first furniture collection inspired by
Who better to guide functional design than the online pinboard that is dominated by women?
Enough said.


Friday, October 26, 2012

FRIDAYfinds! Amy Howard at Market

Once in a while you meet someone who you have an instant connection with...
This was the case when I met
at High Point Market last week.
She gave the most heart-felt talk
to a small group of us who visited her in the J. Douglas Showroom.
 She is the founder of Amy Howard Collection and Amy Howard Home,
two incredible lines of furniture that she personally designs and builds
in her own factory in Memphis, Tennessee.

Amy Howard 
As it states above, she believes every piece "starts with passion".  That is also her mantra for life.
The beauty of her furniture comes from the unique way she translates
inspiration she finds in her frequent travels to Europe.
As a designer herself, she says,
"An interior that has a sense of history and collection is the most successful"

In her showroom at market, the new introductions for Amy Howard Home were
both modern and timeless.
Although a deviation from her line of  antique reproduction furniture she is known for,
these new pieces had the same signature of quality and attention to detail as her classics.

I'm sitting in Amy's favorite new chair, Klismo.
This style dates back to ancient times,
but her interpretation is so very cool in the Toscana Black finish with caramel colored leather.

Amy Howard Punti Sconces

I'm drawn to these Punti sconces.  
They exemplify what Amy Howard is all about...
She said about her new introductions, 
"Enjoy these new pieces and we do hope that you feel the love and compassion
that goes into each and every piece of our furniture that we proudly make 
in this amazing country of ours."

Thanks, Amy, for giving me inspiration to "be the absolute best at what I do"


Monday, October 22, 2012


I've certainly been missing in action on my blog for the past week
but definitely not "Missing the Action"

Last week was my annual trip to High Point Market and it was non-stop adrenaline
Currey showroom
My charge? 
To seek out the newest trends and returning favorites.
Both give me an idea of what manufacturers think are
winning bets for the coming year. 
Design is not static - and this process keeps me fresh and current.

Pearson 165 Ottoman
This market had so much variety but one common thread was
in all shades from pale aqua to peacock!
I love this curvy bench from Pearson with it's tie-dyed 60's vibe.

Bernhardt aqua vignette
There's a certain quality of elegance to these shades of aqua.
They're both exciting and soothing...
Maybe that's the intent?  Home is a place that should nurture both.

Hooker Regatta Blue Bombe
This updated Louis XV chest from Hooker is so "Now"
Painted in MONACO BLUE, one of Pantone's top color picks for Spring 2013,
 it's a standout!

Arteriors vignette
And the accessory lines followed suit.  
Blue was the new AND the old as seen in everything from contemporary art glass lamps...
Chelsea House vignette
 ...to classic blue and white porcelains.

So much more to share with you so check in later this week for my next Market post!


Friday, October 12, 2012

FRIDAYfinds! -Final Pre-Market Peek!

I'm on my way to Market early tomorrow morning (not my favorite time of day...)
So before I go
 I thought I'd share a few more Pre-Market email pix I've gotten from my favorite vendors
Sam Moore navy chaise
Great new take on a classic chaise. I'm really lovin' NAVY right now. 
Notice the assymmetrical arms?   
Easy to slide in and out and "OH SO CHIC!"

Pearson parchment-gilded cocktail table
Cubists and Beautiful.  What form!  Can't wait to see this one in person.

Global Views Market Vignette
Wow!  Let YELLOW reign.

Currey Market Vignette
Lots to see in Currey's wonderful showroom. And the food is awesome!

See ya next week with all my 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Four Days to Market!

There's this crazy event known as 
when the whole world converges on the little town of High Point, NC
to see the newest and greatest designs for the season.

I call it "CRAZY" because that's how I feel in the hectic days leading up to it 
and when I'm finally there putting in 12 hours days, 4 days in a row!
Very little glamour.....and a lot of stamina.
But I won't trade it for anything!
This Market is shaping up to be one of the best in recent years.
They're calling it 
With the growing crossover between fashion and interior design, 
it seems appropriate to promote this viable connection.
I'm excited to see how it's played out in the showrooms.

 One place I plan to hit is SALON
where you find the hip and the cool.
Unlike the large, established showrooms, the vendors here are fresh on the scene
and they're launching entirely new lines.  

The IHFC BUILDING is so big we could spend our entire four days here...easily!
But there are many other showrooms to see so we have to stick to our schedule.
That's what I'm working on now....as I think about my favorite vendors I want to see 
and new ones that have caught my eye.  
It will end up being a mixed bag of appointments that is anything but predictable
and that's what I love about it!

Next week I'll take you along on our appointments so you can see the showrooms for yourself!
Until then...


Friday, October 5, 2012

Professional Jumpstart

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with
my mentor and good friend


one our industry's most respected authorities on interior design.

She is the founder and president of two successful design firms 
and has authored eleven books on the business practice of interior design.
A highly acclaimed speaker and consultant, Mary has devoted herself to sharing  
her vast knowledge and experience with designers across the country.
She currently resides in New York City but was here in Louisville
to present a day of continuing education for designers from across the region.

Since Mary was staying at 21C, I met her there on Friday night before going to dinner.
We had so much fun touring the contemporary art gallery that's built in to the hotel.

I thought this metal sculpture was fantastic!
It simulates a tornado and the random collection of common every day things scooped up in it's path.
Both fanciful and terrifying, it captures a powerful moment in time.

replica of original LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana
This sculpture is iconic today
but did you know it was originally designed in 1964
as a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art?
A replica sits in the lobby of 21C.

21C Hotel roof
I love this hotel. It's so funky!
The exterior serves as a revolving art exhibit
that's even more thought-provoking than what's inside.
The penguins are the unofficial mascots so you never know where they'll show up next.
Rooftop party anyone?


Monday, October 1, 2012

Floral Remix

Just when we thought Geometrics rule....
enter the Modern Florals!
Pearson pink and floral vignette

I frequent the blogs of my favorite vendors to keep up with the newest and greatest trends
and I'm always finding interesting tidbits.
Thanks to Pearson for their recent post on "Minimal Opulence" 
where they talk about a resurgence in floral prints.
What makes it exciting is the new way that florals are hitting the scene.
In the room vignette above, the floral arm chair takes center stage, but in a very restrained way.

The idea is to energize a room with an interesting pattern, not take it over.

Notice the modern, sleek look of the rest of the upholstery. 
It's all in the balance!

Schumacher Khantau Tree 173910
This floral looks so fresh and new,
you wouldn't guess that it's from Schumacher's archives.
With updated colors, it's current once again.
I loved it so much I built my room around it in a recent show house!

Design by J. Waddell Interiors for Bellarmine Showhouse 2012
This fabric is the perfect "GLUE" to hold the room together.
Both casual and elegant, it begs you to take a seat!