Monday, October 1, 2012

Floral Remix

Just when we thought Geometrics rule....
enter the Modern Florals!
Pearson pink and floral vignette

I frequent the blogs of my favorite vendors to keep up with the newest and greatest trends
and I'm always finding interesting tidbits.
Thanks to Pearson for their recent post on "Minimal Opulence" 
where they talk about a resurgence in floral prints.
What makes it exciting is the new way that florals are hitting the scene.
In the room vignette above, the floral arm chair takes center stage, but in a very restrained way.

The idea is to energize a room with an interesting pattern, not take it over.

Notice the modern, sleek look of the rest of the upholstery. 
It's all in the balance!

Schumacher Khantau Tree 173910
This floral looks so fresh and new,
you wouldn't guess that it's from Schumacher's archives.
With updated colors, it's current once again.
I loved it so much I built my room around it in a recent show house!

Design by J. Waddell Interiors for Bellarmine Showhouse 2012
This fabric is the perfect "GLUE" to hold the room together.
Both casual and elegant, it begs you to take a seat!



  1. So gorgeous - and you're right! We just can't stop putting pretty florals and meandering vines in out homes. I think there's something soothing about the organic shapes. And I don't know about you, but when I come home I want that sense of calmness and serenity. I do love a good geometric to keep it from being too "sweet" - but a floral print is always a welcome element in a room! :)

  2. Franki - I think there's a little floral in all of us! I know I love to layer florals and geometrics in a room to give it more of a dimensional quality. Thanks for the comment!