Friday, October 26, 2012

FRIDAYfinds! Amy Howard at Market

Once in a while you meet someone who you have an instant connection with...
This was the case when I met
at High Point Market last week.
She gave the most heart-felt talk
to a small group of us who visited her in the J. Douglas Showroom.
 She is the founder of Amy Howard Collection and Amy Howard Home,
two incredible lines of furniture that she personally designs and builds
in her own factory in Memphis, Tennessee.

Amy Howard 
As it states above, she believes every piece "starts with passion".  That is also her mantra for life.
The beauty of her furniture comes from the unique way she translates
inspiration she finds in her frequent travels to Europe.
As a designer herself, she says,
"An interior that has a sense of history and collection is the most successful"

In her showroom at market, the new introductions for Amy Howard Home were
both modern and timeless.
Although a deviation from her line of  antique reproduction furniture she is known for,
these new pieces had the same signature of quality and attention to detail as her classics.

I'm sitting in Amy's favorite new chair, Klismo.
This style dates back to ancient times,
but her interpretation is so very cool in the Toscana Black finish with caramel colored leather.

Amy Howard Punti Sconces

I'm drawn to these Punti sconces.  
They exemplify what Amy Howard is all about...
She said about her new introductions, 
"Enjoy these new pieces and we do hope that you feel the love and compassion
that goes into each and every piece of our furniture that we proudly make 
in this amazing country of ours."

Thanks, Amy, for giving me inspiration to "be the absolute best at what I do"



  1. Hi Joan!
    I came across your photo in Google images when I searched Amy Howard at the Atlanta market. I thought..."Is that Joan???" Wow! I love your blog, which I discovered about two weeks ago. I enjoy hearing your ideas and insight on beautiful design. Great job!
    I was recently accepted as the retailer for Amy Howard at Home paint line for our area. I have been using her products for about six months and have loved it. Let me know if you ever have the need for beautifully painted pieces in your design work! ;-)
    Take care!

  2. Thanks Anitra! So great to hear from you and congratulations on repping Amy's new paint line. I'd love to meet with you to learn more. Give me a call at the studio.