Friday, November 30, 2012

FRIDAYfinds! - Woof Patrol

Pearson custom dog portrait pillow
Is this adorable or what?
Market always has some totally unexpected surprises to discover if you keep your eyes open. 
When I found these pillows gracing the upholstery in the Pearson showroom I knew they were 
Best of Show!

 Pearson custom dog portrait pillow
Each face was more engaging than the last.  

Pearson custom dog portrait pillow
I had the chance to talk with the artist who creates these one-of-a-kind gems.
She is actually an employee of Pearson and does this as a hobby!  Wow...
What I love about her work is that she really captures the "essence" of each dog's personality.
These would be fabulous Christmas gifts!

But I just had to ask one question....
"Do you paint cat portraits too?"

She replied, "Send me a picture."


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas Design Tips

Project Decor board by Joan Waddell
Creating this board for my design shop at Project Decor  got me in the spirit.
It also sparked an idea...
I know I love reading tips for making Christmas decorating beautiful...and simple.
(I'm especially fond of  "the simple" part)
so I thought I'd share some of my own tried-and-true favorites for you to try.
Here's to a richly adorned, but carefree Holiday Season! 


White Flower Farm Ziva Paperwhites
Keep it "REAL" whenever possible.  
I always try to plan ahead and force Paperwhites to bloom in early December 
so we can enjoy them throughout the season. Their aroma is heavenly.
The container is the key to making it a showy display.
I love to use Chinese porcelain bowls to plant them in.
(Super tip #1 - scour antique markets for vintage oriental bowls that are less than perfect. 
Not only are they charming with all their flaws, the price is usually charming as well!) 
Cluster several on a coffee table at different heights to add drama.
More Christmas design tips ahead.  So keep in touch.

"Embrace the joys of good design!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creating the magic

It all started with a chance meeting at Fall Market...

I was in the Arteriors showroom and spotted Scot Meacham Wood
Interior Designer and blogger Extraordinaire!
is one of my favorites.  
He has a way of inviting you into his little corner of the world that is both engaging and informative.
when I read on a recent post that he was having his 
Second Annual Holiday Decorating Contest
I knew I just couldn't resist a good competition!
...especially when it has to do with Christmas.

Boxes are pulled from the attic and I'm ready to go!

I love my black and white foyer,
especially at Christmas when I play up the theme with lots of silvery glitz and glitter

Design by Joan Waddell/J. Waddell Interiors
The inspiration for the decorations is my antique silver wedding cake chandelier
which I purchased BEFORE we ever bought this house!
Must have been a premonition because it looks like it "belongs" there, don't you think?

    This is just the beginning...
Wait till you see my 12 ft. tree with antique silver ornaments!

Decorating my own home for Christmas is truly a labor of love.
It's my special gift to the family that we all look forward to year after year.
And I think Scot summed it up so well when I asked him about the holidays,

"The holidays for me have always been a season of magic - in the way that the ordinary gives way
to the magical.  The boundaries of time and space - of friends and family - all melt away and we
can once again see the world through the eyes of delighted children.  So for me
holiday decorating is all about creating the place for these reconnections to happen.
Setting the stage for magic."

I'm setting the stage in my corner of the world and hoping it creates the "Magic"!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Reminder

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, 
I'm thinking about what I am most thankful for...
And the answer is easy -
Both immediate and extended, they all play an important role in my life.
I was reminded of just how much this past week
when my siblings, from far and wide, descended on Louisville to
move our mother into Miralea, a fabulous new independent-living community.

Each one of us had a role to play and we did it well.
My brother came from Atlanta and turned into our "Tech Guru",
My sister from Tampa tackled the master bedroom and closet and brought a sense of order to it all.
She was also our comic relief (a fairly significant contribution during a few intense moments)
My other sister and her husband were the designated contractors
in charge of building, hanging, repairing whatever we needed
And I was given the task of  designing a new home for my mom that would
feel as good as the one she just left...

I think we succeeded :-)
Welcome home, Mom!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Gotta know the rules to break them"

Candice Olson at Surya showroom
You would have to live under a rock not to know this iconic designer!
As soon as I arrived at Market this fall, I made a beeline for the Surya showroom to see
She gave a fabulous presentation on how she approaches her design work.
Using her trademark look of mixing traditional with modern, she artfully balances the two
in unexpected ways.
But she is quick to point out that it's not easy to pull off
and that all of her work is built on a firm foundation of the basic principles of design.

Here are three of my favorite new rugs from her collection for Surya Rugs

Candice Olson Surya can1901
Great mix of color.  Look at the depth you get with this combination of gold and gray
Candice Olson Surya can1914
When asked where she gets inspiration, she said,
"Nature - a nature inspired palette brings comfort"
Beautiful shade of green in this rug - so calm...
Candice Olson Surya can1935
I couldn't resist this one.  Animal print reinvented!

So glad I had the chance to meet Candice.
She's a great designer for a reason.


Monday, November 12, 2012


High Museum Calder Sculpture 
Recently I've introduced you to some of the wonderful people who have given me inspiration
like Amy Howard and the Hable sisters of Hable Construction.

But on a trip to Atlanta last week to visit my son, 
I was reminded of a dear old friend who had inspired me for many years when I was living there

It's a special place where fine art and design share a common bond

We took in the current exhibit, FAST FORWARD, MODERN MOMENTS 1913-2013
and Wow...from the moment we entered the building, 
it was a contemporary art "rush"! 

I am particularly drawn to the earlier pioneers in contemporary art
and this exhibit did not disappoint.
In collaboration with MOMA in New York City, the exhibit explores the many facets
of contemporary art as an expression of key events in modern history.

Here are my top picks.  I hope they "INSPIRE" you, too!

Giving my son, Emery, an little education.  Think he's interested?

Jackson Pollack made it look so easy. 
A pioneer in Expressionism, he evoked his artistic gestures by pouring paint across the canvas
in a very calculated way to create this intricately wrought composition.
I love the energy that emanates from this piece!

 "The Chariot" by Giacometti was his attempt to show 
perspective in sculptural form.  The stretched out figure
visually seems to loom in the distance, rather than in the foreground.
With the resurgence of everything mid century, 
this type of art would be right at home in today's interiors.

I'm a colorist at heart so being up close and personal with this
deKooning was a highlight for me!

This was just the thing I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.
Kudos, HIGH MUSEUM, for a job well-done.  I'll be back for sure.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do you know Hable Construction?

High Point Market is all about seeing new products...
but it's also about meeting the talented designers who create these fabulous pieces.
Hable Construction for Hickory Chair
the dynamic sister team of Susan and Kate Hable, created a line of  luxury fabrics
for Hickory Chair that embodies their organic, made-by-hand aesthetic.
I was instantly drawn to their bold, graphic patterns
that were wrapped around comfy chairs, pillows, screens and even cabinets!
They are known for their all American-made craftsmanship, which is a big plus for me.
But what is also very interesting is that, even as they've grown through licensing with companies
like Garnet Hill, Neiman Marcus and Pottery Barn 
they continue to put their personal stamp on everything they do.
The company still uses traditional screen-printing methods to create their hand-drawn fabrics
in an old New England factory. 

Hable Construction at Hickory Chair
It was so fun to get a glimpse of their tools of the trade.
I took this photo of Susan Hable's desk in the showroom.

Susan Hable (right)
And talking with Susan, the creative genius behind the line,was a highlight!
She is responsible for all the fabric designs 
as well as the fabulous artwork scattered throughout the showroom.
Notice the concept board behind us?
Every design starts with the simplest thought and evolves into something truly magical...

Hable Construction for Hickory Chair
I love this Hable vignette that was in the showroom,
especially the rug with its updated greek key design!

Hable Construction artwork at Hickory Chair
Obviously I'm attracted to the Hable "look"...
My jacket complemented Susan's artwork perfectly!