Wednesday, February 27, 2013


To my loyal readers out there, sorry for the little blip in activity last week.
I was at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart scouring for unique accessories for some of my projects.
I found some fabulous pieces...
but in the process, I noticed a trend that really got my attention.
It kept popping up in every showroom
and I couldn't WAIT to get back to share it with you!

Best Slipcover Company


Ro Sham Beaux 
It's cropping up on all types of furnishings
like this fabulous blue and green beaded chandelier

Ro Sham Beaux
And this great new lamp style from one of my favorite showrooms.
I could so... see a pair of these on a sofa table in a large greatroom!

I saw the full range of trendy greens from "MINT" to "EMERALD",
mixed in with classic blue and white.

And these vibrant hues weren't just on the furniture and accessories.
How beautiful is this whitewashed demilune against a wall of grassy green?

Sochier Marin
Art is showing up in this color combo, as well.  I'm drawn to the abstract pieces like this one.
So full of life!

Lacefield Designs
Isn't this crazy looking!!!  Tribal and contemporary at the same time.
I think we're going to see a lot more of this kind of mixed-up feel.
It speaks to our desire for interesting juxtapositions in our homes.
We love all sorts of looks and see no reason not to throw them together in our own signature style.

J Douglas Showroom
Green and blue have been a go-to combination for years,
but this time around there's a different energy and excitement to the palettes.
Combined with fresh patterns, interesting shapes and gold metals
the new look echos our renewed sense of optimism.

Here's to a fun year of exploration and laughter :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Style Booster - SHOW THE LOVE

I interrupt our little tour of your home with this special announcement:


 A day of showing your love...
for your family, your friends
your home.

It just seems appropriate to weave this lovely little holiday into our discussion on
finding your style.
After all, your home is your cocoon - it provides comfort, beauty and nurturing
and should reflect all the "tender loving care" you've put into it.
It starts at the front door and flows through each and every room.
You know when you've put your "Loving" touch on a room
and when you haven't....


"let all the love that pours out of this special day 
enter your home and make it full of love - today and every day!"

Valentines Day is also about sharing 
and I'm excited to share 
this great blog post from my friends at 
It's full of fun ways to bring the spirit of Valentines Day
into your home year-round.

Hooker Melange Alexandra Console


Monday, February 11, 2013

The Year of the Snake

courtesy of The Irish Times
officially began on February 10th

In the Chinese zodiac, the snake represents mystery and passion
which made me start thinking...
Schumacher Cody Snakeskin 5006230 Malt

In the world of interior design, snakeskins, 
and all other forms of animal patterns for that matter
play a pretty significant role.
It's hard to imagine developing a project without one or two of these patterns 
woven in to the scheme.
And like the traits associated with the snake,
animal prints also evoke a sense of mystery and passion in a room.

They are integral to the layering process, 
whether expressed in small details like this great zebra cocktail ottoman

as the main focal point.
Thibaut Natural Ostrich wallcovering
This ostrich wallcovering adds an interesting textural dimension to the walls
Even in the subtle colorway, it grabs your attention and begs to be touched!

Hancock and Moore 5364 Artist Chair
The possibilities are endless.  Skins work beautifully on their own
but also as a complement to other coverings like this luscious red leather.

I'm hard pressed to think of a surface that doesn't benefit from
the beautiful patterning of animal skins...

so embrace the YEAR OF THE SNAKE
with your own touch of the exotic!

and as always -

Friday, February 8, 2013

FRIDAYfinds - Chests with Impact

In the last couple of weeks, I've been sharing tips on finding your personal style in your home.

 So for FRIDAYfinds! 
I thought it would be fun to show you
some of my favorite new chests from Market
 that can define your style in a BIG WAY!
A chest is the perfect choice for making a strong style statement
because it's a stand alone piece that commands attention.
Find one that speaks to you...

Hickory White Greek Key Chest 245-61

This is so gorgeous!  The lines are mid-century modern
and the Greek Key pattern is classically updated.
Imagine the statement this would make in your foyer or living room.

Stanley Arrondissement Rond Media Chest 222-25-11
Couldn't resist showing this one from Stanley.  
Great casual look but oh-so-functional!
It's a hidden media cabinet, complete with a fold down drawer front and electrical outlet.
So stylish and clever too!

Moissonier for Decorative Crafts Louis XV Bombe Chest
Ornate? Yes.  But what a beautiful reproduction piece.
Produced by one of the premier furniture makers in France,
this would definitely stop people in their tracks!
I would pair with a contemporary piece of art and a sleek lamp to keep it current.

Keno for Theodore Alexander  Symmetry Chest
With the beauty of the book-matched veneer,
this chest needs little else to stand out.
Is this

I believe that a chest is one of the first investment pieces you should buy.
So listen to your heart and make it your signature!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Style Booster - Dining Room Dreams

I have a feeling that you're getting the hang of this "Style" exercise.

It's all about using your personal style to 
create harmonious continuity from room to room.

What have you discovered about your preferences?
And how can they be integrated in your home?

Let's work on the
I have some questions for you.
How are you using this space?
Is it off-limits most of the year?

This is what I hear most often in my practice.  Not trying to put you on the spot
really, why do we have a room that is so under-utilized?
Especially now when we are ALL staying in our homes longer
and trying maximize the living spaces we have.

Is it more your style to have a big, comfortable farm table
that can handle the abuse of an active family?
Piedmont dining table by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair
If so, maybe this should be the look of your "dining room"
No longer are we relegated to formality in this space.
It's now YOUR choice!

Or to take it a step further.
rethink the room as a whole.  Does it need to be JUST for dining?
You know how I'm all about multi-functional spaces!
What about making it a combination of a study/ homework station/ dining room
that will put it to work 365 days a year!

Isn't this inviting?  I can see this being a favorite spot from breakfast into the wee hours.
Filled with all your favorite things....books, a special collection, comfy places to perch,
what's not to love?

Your dining room can be a beautiful space but here's what you need to think about -
Do you want a little quick fix to put your signature on it?
do you want to totally revise the functionality to better fit you and your family?
Like the other rooms we've explored, remember this,

"Your dining room should be an inspiring space that you love to spend time in"

What's next on my agenda?  Are you "living" in your "living room"?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Style Booster - First Impressions

So we're taking the tour through your house
to uncover your 
Are you still with me?
So far we've looked around your kitchen, family room and powder room
and I've given you some "food for thought"
to help you find out what you like, and how you want to live.

Which brings us to the first room everyone sees when the front door opens...
What is your foyer saying about "YOU"?

Design by Joan Waddell 
If first impressions are lasting, then why do we tend to ignore the one space that creates them?
Whether it's the drama of contemporary minimalism or a more traditional feel
your foyer should instantly tell your guests who you are.

There's no doubt about this client's style!
They both love abstract art and sculptural furniture.
They wanted everything in their foyer to have equal importance -
no clutter to interrupt the site lines or interfere with seeing their beautiful pieces.
Anyone walking through their front door knows they're in for a visual treat!

This may not be your preference, but the point is that this foyer
clearly defines the tastes and personalities of its owners.
And not in a timid way, either!

Joan Waddell's Foyer
In contrast, my foyer is very traditional -  an eclectic mix of things I love.
I use this little corner to display "My Story"...
My wedding photo along with baby pix and tiny silver boxes I've collected,
a special silver biscuit barrel my husband gave to me that holds fresh flowers,
the framed engraving I found on a trip to Paris,
and even the lamp, which was made from a beautiful yellow porcelain vase.
All these things are insights into my personality, my life.

Although our personal styles are very different, there is one thing in common
between my client's contemporary foyer and my traditional one.
Everything in the space is intentional!  
No clutter in either case, just interesting things that are important to us,
displayed in a pleasing way.

OK.  Let's get down to business!
Stand in your foyer and think about it...
Is it telling your story?
If not, it's time to make some changes so that it does.

It really makes no difference whether your foyer is huge, or
the size of a postage stamp!
There's no excuse for not making it a personal statement.
So here are some great "Game Changers" for you to consider...

Pearson Demilune Console 9832
 Start with a place to drop your keys.
I love the curves of a demilune like this one from Pearson
because it doesn't gobble up as much space as a rectangular chest.

Frederick Cooper Blue Eden 65251
Lamp light is always welcoming
Be expressive with your choice!
My pick is from Frederick Cooper with its fresh color and classic details.

Mirror Fair Venetian Oval Ribbon Mirror
For me, a mirror is a must in a foyer.
We're talking major drama here!  Imagine this fabulous Venetian mirror
above your demilune?  Definitely not ordinary, nor should it be!

So have you thought about your floor?  There are certain considerations when it comes to
any type of floor covering in a foyer.  Of course it must be durable,
but it also needs to absorb water and hide the dirt, too
My choice?
Surya Tamira tam1000 area rug
 I love the relaxed yet elegant look of this Surya rug.

As you know, the options are endless.
The key is making choices that create your personal story.
Start with your foyer and see how it flows from there!

Stick with this...It's a great way to re-energize your home in the new year.
We're going into the dining room next!


Friday, February 1, 2013

FRIDAYfinds! - Mary McDonald for Schumacher

Each season, I have the pleasure of meeting with our reps
in my studio to view the newest fabrics in their lines.
Mary McDonald for Schumacher - Chinois Palais/Lettuce
And every once in a while, I see something that is a complete surprise...
an absolutely gorgeous, take-your-breath-away line that makes my heart flutter!

This was the case yesterday when I saw the new Spring line from 

Mary McDonald for Schumacher - Chinois Palais/ Lettuce

This luscious linen print is designed to use as drapery panels or on upholstered walls.
It's classic chinoiserie, a favorite of Mary McDonald, but in the fresh color palette,
it is so new!
Reminiscent of a Gracie wallcovering, it tells a story from top to bottom. 
More of a mural than a fabric,  it is so much more intriguing to look at.

And the rest of this Spring introduction is equally intriguing...
Mary McDonald for Schumacher
with coordinated fabrics in colorways like
Blush Conch

 Mary McDonald for Schumacher Malmaison tape in Tangerine

But the best part is the line of trims she designed!
Each one more beautiful than the other, these tapes and appliques open up a world of design possibilities/

Mary McDonald for Schumacher Madame Wu  applique  
With names like Madame Wu, Shanghai and Brighton, these appliques conjure up
images of exotic travels to far away lands.

Mary McDonald for Schumacher room setting
Look how fabulous the applique looks on this pillow!
Even more stunning when paired with the "Park Avenue Python" chair fabric.

or for a totally different look, create a softer tone-on-tone palette
with the dramatic backdrop of the Chinois Palais panels!
Notice the embroidered tape on the edge of the drapes. So edgy and fun.

This exciting line is described in this way, 
"Blending her love of chinoiserie, color and bold patterns
Mary reinterprets traditional textile designs 
in a clear and graphic style"

All I can say is...