Friday, April 26, 2013

FRIDAYfinds! - The Small House Movement

Just read a great article from
about the move toward smaller homes.
I'm not surprised, are you?


They report that, "since 2007... new homes have shrunk 5%" and
"the average home size is expected to shrink another 10% by 2015".

In fact, when asked what their ideal home size would be, 
over 1/3 of homeowners say they want house plans smaller than 2000 sq ft!

Wow! Have we come a long way!
While this trend has definitely been influenced by the economy,
I prefer to think it's because we are becoming more aware of our "footprint".

We're realizing the cause and effect of living in a large space versus a small one
in terms of the costs of construction and the energy required to maintain it.
Do we REALLY need all that space?

As I've shared with you on a recent post, "Dining Room Dreams" I am a huge proponent
of using every square inch in your home,
making it multi-functional for ALL the activities your family enjoys.
This becomes much more essential in a smaller home,
but is it a bad thing?

I think this movement is a fabulous "correction of the market"!

It's forcing us to concentrate more on need-based design, 
where the end result is total functionality and comfort.

Whether you're staying where you are
considering building your dream home,
I hope you'll rethink what 
really means to 

Now more than EVER...

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