Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walking the halls...

My Mother's Day was just that - 
a day when I could create my very own "day"!

And what fun I had visiting my daughter in Cincinnati.
What else was on my agenda, you ask?

Something was pulling me to return to my "Design Roots"!
This is the place where I spent my college years and MANY LONG HOURS,
or DAAP as it's called (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning)

I have a love/hate relationship with this place, 
as I'm sure many of you can relate to with your own college adventure!  
It's the place that challenged everything I knew (or thought I knew)
and pushed me to the limit,  both creatively and intellectually.
The teaching style was based on critiques,
a grueling process of design development that usually lasted a full 3 months 
and culminated in critical assessment of your project by all of the department professors.

I was beaten down, encouraged, beaten down some more
until the final project was something I was truly proud of.
This was my life for five years.

And this is where I spent it - Studio class.
Sitting on one of those very uncomfortable metal stools  brought back so many emotions...
tears, sleep deprivation, laughs and elation all wrapped together.

But in the end, I must have been smiling in this shot for a reason.
I was pulled here on Mother's Day for a reason - 

It was a sweet reminder of how my life has unfolded, from design student 
to mother of two beautiful, bright children.

It truly was a " Mother's" day for me :)

Thanks to my wonderful family.

I certainly have.


  1. Hi Joan,
    You described design school so well. I try to explain it frequently to my nondesigner friends and it is so hard to do. Even my family thinks I went to school to pick out paint colors...haha. My classmates and I chat frequently about the trumoil of the 4 years at EKU, but with love and admiration for each other. The 9 of us who survived still chat.

    I saw you the other night at the Bellermine show house but did not get a chance to speak to you. I was allied ASID years ago and have met you a few times, but I have had two children in the last 5 years so I have been a little out of the loop. Hope to see you at the next function.

    Christy Hall
    C. Hall Interior Design

  2. Hi Christy! Thanks so much for sending your comment. It's nice to hear from a fellow designer who's been through the same experience :) Hope to see you at the show house.