Friday, July 12, 2013

BERMUDA - Design Style

If you caught my last post, you probably guessed I was headed to
for a little R and R.
As promised, now that I'm back 
I want to share my design perspective on this

And I'm hoping I can inspire you 
to translate some of these insights into your own homes.

I want to start with COLOR
because that's what instantly comes to mind when I think of Bermuda.
It's everywhere, and it's embraced by the island.
In fact, locals are encouraged to paint their homes and shops bright colors
in keeping with Bermudian tradition.

But the color isn't just on the houses...
The bursts of pink, green and yellow pop up everywhere you look.
I just can't help but think of Lilly Pulitzer when I see these combinations.
Could this island have been her inspiration, as well?

Lilly Pulitzer Spike the Punch fabric 

Did I mention AQUA?

One of my all-time favorite colors is seen in every imaginable shade.

But the most beautiful is the translucent aqua of the water.
(that's me floating around taking in the incredible view)

Does it get any more gorgeous than this?
Aqua and pink makes a striking pair.
Believe it or not, it's on a warehouse!
Who says you can't dress up a utility building?

And the same goes for your home. Take a cue from Bermuda
and add a shot of color into your rooms for an instant mood changer!

I'll be back next time with a peek at Bermuda interiors,
both historic and new
so stay in touch.



  1. Beautiful pix! Thanks for posting and I Tweeted it - Dreaming of going back to Bermuda someday....

  2. You're welcome MjH! I'm mesmerized by this beautiful island and like you, hope to return sooner than later...And thanks for the Tweet!

  3. Beautiful fave place in earth. Loved it so much had to have my wedding there..... Many years ago.......Hopefully, I will be able to make it back there sooner than later. Thanks for sharing!!!_


  4. Awwww. Thanks for sharing about your wedding, Elizabeth! We saw two weddings on the beach while we were there. How romantic!!! Hope you have a chance to visit the site where you tied the knot soon!

  5. Stunningly beautiful photos! Where is the best place to stay in Bermuda? I have two teenaged boys and a husband who would be travellng with me. I love your blog.
    Martha from Atlanta

  6. Hi Martha - How exciting that you're taking your family to Bermuda!!! I would highly recommend staying where we did - Fairmont Southampton. It's a large hotel so there's a lot of action (for the boys) and yet it's very elegant (for you and your husband). Staying on the concierge floor is well worth it! Check it out and keep me posted :)
    And thanks for following my blog. It's nice to know I'm reaching readers like you!