Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Restaurant Confidential - And the name is...

Last time I posted about my new restaurant project,
I promised to share the name with you 
how we're building the design concept around it.
So here's a hint...
The flame says it all!

which means "bonfire" in Spanish
is the perfect description
for this fun new restaurant!

The owners have years of experience 
playing with "fire" (or brick ovens, that is)
at their other restaurants in Chattanooga.

The owner experimenting with his brick oven chicken

They are known for creating mouth-watering dishes 
straight from their 800 degree ovens
that redefine the meaning of "Comfort Food"!

So this new restaurant concept is a natural extension
of their mastery of the flame.

With a nod to South American roots, this is not going to be
your typical Latin restaurant.  
I've peeked at the menu and it's more like a yummy mash up
of the best Latin flavors and Southern classics.
"Yes, I'm getting hungry too!"

Now that we have the great name, it's time for us to
conceptualize the setting.  The owners
describe their vision in this way,
"We want a neighborhood feel where guests come
to relax and enjoy really good food.  Nothing too formal."

I'm a firm believer in a collaborative approach to design and
we have a great team working on FOGATA  -
the owners, architect, restaurant manager, and myself.
Each of us brings a specific expertise to the project that will insure
a well functioning, beautiful space in the end.

credit unkonwn
I found this great exterior shot on line and it became
the inspiration for our team - inviting from the street
with a comfortable interior atmosphere.

After lots of discussion, throwing ideas around,
and general bantering,
we've zeroed in on the building concept that will make
THE neighborhood restaurant/bar destination in Chattanooga!

Special dinner at another success story for the owners, Canyon Grill

Cheers to that!

Check back next time for a glimpse of the fabulous finishes
I'm working on for the exterior and interior.





Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Showhouse in the making!

I can't believe it's here again!
is right around the corner
and we are already installing...

But it didn't happen in a day...

This was the "BEFORE" of our guest room - 
a quiet palette that screamed to stand out!
Not that there was anything wrong with the space,
it just didn't have any visual punch.

So, we went to work to design a 
guest retreat that would lure you in
and wrap around you like a soft blanket.

 Enter the world of 
This palette combines lavender with chartruese, burgundy and gray
for a lively mix-up that's fun and inviting. 

The key to this bold approach was to balance 
the color with pieces that grounded the room -
like the cerused wood canopy bed with its linen insets,
 beautiful antique mahogany chest and leather wing chair.

And every guest room needs a crowning touch,
don't you think?  
This chandelier did it for me!  With it's combo of
weathered wood and chrome, it toned down the lavender beadboard
just enough to keep it from being too feminine.


Nothing more exciting than seeing this bed 
on its way upstairs!

Close call getting that canopy through the doorway!

Speaking of a beautiful antique mahogany chest....
Just what the room needed!  I love the patina of this piece.


The room is taking shape and I'm itching to add the final touches...
but that will be another day.

Check out the complete transformation of our guest bedroom
during the show house.
September 12-27
9204 Norton Commons Blvd

I'll be there every Tuesday and Thursday evening  for
Come see me!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Dreams "Seaside Style"

One of my favorite Pinterest boards I've created is called 
Seaside cottage of my dreams

It's where I design my imaginary little getaway at the beach.  
I dream of being there, puttering around the cozy rooms,
listening to the ocean and,well...
just being totally content to do nothing.

But, for those who know me, that's nearly impossible!
I don't "do nothing" very well....
And that's OK if I'm wrapped up in the decorating of my little cottage.
It's still a diversion from the day-to-day routine.
After all, it's at the beach!  
So it's going to be relaxing no matter WHAT I'm doing. 

A lot of the design has already been done.
Check out my previous post to see some of the great pieces

Hooker Furniture Fretwork Bed

But there's still lots to do!
I picked this bed because it reminded me of ocean bubbles...
but it's really about what's ON the bed that is going to make the difference

Sleep is a BIG component of beach living,
so the bedding is crucial

"A bed is just a bed......
without cushy linens to lure you in."

My wish list for dive-in casual luxury?
*Super soft to touch*
*Easy to maintain (no time to be fussy at the beach)*
*Beautiful to look at*

Parachute Home Linen blend duvet in Sea 

Tough list, but this bedding meets the challenge!
It's made from a Linen/Cotton blend
so it's got great texture and breatheability
for hot, muggy nights by the sea.

The best part about natural fibers is that they are cool and lightweight
enough to keep you comfortable all summer
and yet weighty enough for the cooler months ahead.
What could be better than that?
Oh, did I mention they are machine washable too?

I'm in a slumber kind of mind
just thinking about it...


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Restaurant Confidential - The mess and the hunt

As we all know, 
with any renovation project...

you gotta put up with the mess
to get to the good part - the rebuilding.

But that's fine with us because it means progress!

As the old tiles come out, we're on the other side of town
hunting down quirky details for the interior, this vintage bar.
Yes, it has tacky velvet insets now, 
but oh, how it could be transformed!  
Maybe the host station?

I'm lovin' this mid-century lighting trio!
Just the right vibe we're going for - 
Classy casual with a sense of humor thrown in.

Great green glaze on this planter and the iron 
handles give it a nice aged look.  Hmmm....
patio or front entrance?

Onward to the salvage warehouse 
where you can find literally everything from a sofa
to a kitchen sink!
They even have this cool lighting section.
It's all there, from rustic industrial chic to 
ultra modern.  
I'm thinking about stirring it up with a mix of lighting styles
throughout the restaurant.
I envision pools of light that create a
cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you want to linger...

 You're not going to want to miss my next post!
I'll fill you in on the restaurant concept
the name! 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Restaurant Confidential - The BEFORE

How do you take an abandoned diner and
turn it into a waiting-room-only destination restaurant?

 I'm excited to say that I'm now part 
of the design team that is going to make this happen!

It's that kind of project designers dream of...
fantastic clients who give you the freedom to explore creative ideas
and a dining concept that is going to knock your socks off!

From the first day I walked the property on a cold January day
I knew I wanted to share it all with you...
from the scary "before" pics to 
the fabulous grand opening.

With the project in Chattanooga, TN, I've already made some road trips
to meet with my clients, the architect and others involved.
In between, we've relied on virtual Go-To-Meetings to keep in touch.

To set the stage for the transformation
here it is!

Look somehow familiar?  Originally a Huddle House,
it morphed into this icky fifties diner somewhere along the way. Ugh.  

This could be a challenge....

but never fear,
 there's always a design solution,
if you look in the right places!

Now this is better.
Continuing our discussion
at my client's riverside restaurant.
This kind of thinking requires brainfood!

Owners of multiple restaurants in Chattanooga,
my clients insisted that I sample lots of things on the menu
as part of my research.  I didn't argue :)

I hope you'll visit often to see this amazing transition, as it unfolds.

Even though we are still in the design phase,
I can already visualize the finished restaurant, full of happy diners,
kicking back and relaxing with good friends and even better food.


Friday, April 17, 2015

This little piggy goes to market

J. Waddell Interiors artwork

I'm headed to High Point Market for a four day marathon.
Lots to see and do in a very short amount of time...
but it's an adrenalin rush like no other!

So before I go, I wanted to give you a peek 
at some of my favorite pre-market finds.
I'll be checking these out for sure.

Jonathan Charles Knightbridge Collection
I love to find new renditions on a classic.  
This biedermeier-inspired chair is as elegant as it gets!

Currey Zinnia table lamp
There's something retro about this shape
but the gradient art glass makes it so hip.

Bungalow 5 Bell Desk
Royal blue is still trending strong in furniture and fabrics so it's not surprising 
to see it pop up again this market.  
What makes it so fun is seeing how it will be translated.
I can't think of a more natural pairing than with this
Chippendale-style desk!

The previews are nice 
but there's so much more to see once I'm in the showrooms. 
And the best part is finding the surprises along the way.

follow me on FACEBOOK 
during my three days at Market 
to check out my top picks!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Diva Design for Spring

Google image

With all the crazy winter weather we've endured,
I thought it would be refreshing to 
switch our thoughts to 
and the anticipation of fresh new looks in the design world!

With Fashion Week in New York wrapping up in February,
it reminded me once again that Fashion and Interior Design
are trending together, now more than ever.

"We share a passion for creativity 
and finding new ways to express it."

So what trends are we sharing this Spring?
Feminine influences are everywhere.
Bold and confident, these styles are no "push over".
I've paired some of my favorite Spring shoes from the runway
with the hottest new look in upholstery - the chaise lounge
to give you a glimpse of what's coming our way...

FAV # 1 

 Valentino Rockstud 1973 ankle strap

Sweet pastels go high octane with happy mid tone values for a look that's 
feminine but strong!  
Check out the studs...definitely not for the timid, 

Valentino multi colored sandal

One Kings Lane Cameron chaise
 With its saturated color palette, 
this chaise is a new take on a classic recamier, or fainting couch.
Curvy with an attitude.  

FAV #2

Gianvito Rossi Darcy Stiletto
Bold and glamorous, futuristic and retro all wrapped into one.
Lines and shapes take center stage in a 3-D version of graphic images, 
But these shoes don't shout, they just softly announce who's in charge... 
These would be my statement shoes.

Presotto Chaise Longue Dixie
There's no denying this sculptural beauty! 
It's pure form and function, designed to command attention in a room.
A playful counterbalance between feminine and masculine.

FAV #3

Manolo Blahnik gold leaf pumps

Gold continues to dominate in both fashion and furnishings.
Think opulence, elegance and drop dead glamour.
A personal favorite of mine, from the palest shades to the intense
greenish gold on this fabulous satin pump.
You'll be hearing fun descriptions like canary, saffron, marigold and amber.
Just in time to brighten up these never-ending dreary days... 

Donghia Victoire Chaise
Is this just to die for? 
It's the artful mix of satin and chenille in those luscious shade of gold
 that makes it such a come on.
 It conjures up images of the great movie sirens of the 1950's. 
I can imagine Sophia Loren lounging
with one arm strategically draped over the back, martini in hand.

FAV #4

Ralph Lauren Mya sandal

The gladiator trend has been around for a few seasons, but the newest twist is a 
 more feminine take with higher heels and more refined details.
The female warrior-
ready for whatever comes her way...

One Kings Lane Regeant daybed
Wrapped, woven and bundled like the sandal, 
I'm crazy about this chaise/daybed combo!
The frame is classic mid-century Miami Beach venacular
reinvented in a cleaner form.
But the real beauty is in the details. 
The rattan is finished with leather wrappings to create a fabulous geometric
pattern across the entire back.  
Beautiful in neutral, I could also see this played out in one of the new
electric pastels.  
Hot pink anyone? 


Friday, January 23, 2015

FRIDAYfinds! - Are you a Marsala fan?

We're talking about the COLOR


not the wine...

Get ready to see a lot more of this lusty color in 2015!

As Pantone's Color of the Year,
Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute
describes it this way,
"This earthy yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily
to fashion, beauty, industrial design
home furnishings and interiors"

It's not everyone's favorite, but the way I see it,
it's gorgeous translated into this rich damask fabric, 
 a quilted Chanel bag....

via google images

via Manolo Blahnik
these to-die-for Manolos!


But how is this sophisticated hue going to 
make its way into the interior design world?

via Surya
We're already seeing it woven into lush geometric rugs and accent pillows.

Use it as the foundation for your color scheme with an area rug, accent wall
via google images

Make it the focal point with one singular piece like this sofa.

I also see it popping up as a small detail...
Kravet trims
as a trimming on neutral drapes or
border on a sofa skirt.
A little goes a long way!

My take on this color?
I'm intrigued.  
There's something very familiar about it,
almost a throwback to the terra cotta of the 70's
but much more intense.
Not quite 80's burgundy either.
It's both new and old, which I find interesting.

I'm excited to see the newest translations 
at High Point Market in April!
I'll be circling back to this so keep in touch.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

DESIGN RADAR 2015 - My Top Three

Is it 2015 ALREADY?
Seems like we were just celebrating the turn of the century!
Think back to the year 2000...
What would you have predicted interior design trends to be 15 years into the future?

Some predictions have been fairly, well,... "Predictable"
but I would say that many more were not even on the radar!

Yes, we expected technology to play a major role in molding our interior spaces,
but the big surprise to me has been the
increasing demand for authenticity within those "high-tech" environments.

 We want our gadgets and toys with us at all times, but
we want to enjoy them in a space that feels connected to the natural world.
Our love of organic materials is emerging as an interesting counterpoint to
 the technology we've come to depend on everyday.
Could it be that opposites attract?

 design trends 
promise to energize the spirit,
 soothe the soul
and complement our ever-changing 

With that in mind, what's on my radar for 2015?

Arteriors Kazu dining table
The organic trend has been with us for a while, but
what's new is that it's being stripped down to its purist form.
Instead of stylized replicas of wood and stone,
we're now seeing the "real deal" being played out in furniture and accessories.
 "One of a kind" pieces draw us in to take a closer look;
to explore and admire their uniqueness.

Emporium Home Agate Chandelier


Jamie Drake for Soicher-Marin
Phone snaps, Pinterest, and the world of social media
has created a whole new level of visual awareness.
We love capturing the "essence" of an event
or a fleeting detail in the landscape with our phones, and
we want to immortalize these images for our homes.
Enter technology!
With advancements in digital printing, we can reproduce almost anything,
in any size, in any variation.
The image can be manipulated to give you a micro close up view
like the artwork above, called "Orange and Green Monarch"
or blown up to cover an entire wall.

bamboo grove wall mural via


Lillian August for Hickory White
A far cry from your grandmother's version,
the new traditional is modern and full of surprises!
It's timeless in reference but has been reinvented in a way
that excites the senses.
There's a comfort in seeing familiar shapes, patterns and colors,
The difference now is that designers are amplifying the familiar to
create totally updated furnishings that respond to our current lifestyles.
Even the four poster bed is enjoying a revival.
 But the Celerie Kemble bed below is definitely a new take
on the classic.
It's the perfect mix of luxe and high style!

Celerie Kemble Ferrus bed for Henredon

It's a new year and it's looking bright!
The spirit and creativity of the style makers in the design world
are making our living environments even better.
With each new introduction, we are given more fabulous choices
to create our perfect "nest"

So here's to 2015...
May it energize, 
your life today.