Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Dreams "Seaside Style"

One of my favorite Pinterest boards I've created is called 
Seaside cottage of my dreams

It's where I design my imaginary little getaway at the beach.  
I dream of being there, puttering around the cozy rooms,
listening to the ocean and,well...
just being totally content to do nothing.

But, for those who know me, that's nearly impossible!
I don't "do nothing" very well....
And that's OK if I'm wrapped up in the decorating of my little cottage.
It's still a diversion from the day-to-day routine.
After all, it's at the beach!  
So it's going to be relaxing no matter WHAT I'm doing. 

A lot of the design has already been done.
Check out my previous post to see some of the great pieces

Hooker Furniture Fretwork Bed

But there's still lots to do!
I picked this bed because it reminded me of ocean bubbles...
but it's really about what's ON the bed that is going to make the difference

Sleep is a BIG component of beach living,
so the bedding is crucial

"A bed is just a bed......
without cushy linens to lure you in."

My wish list for dive-in casual luxury?
*Super soft to touch*
*Easy to maintain (no time to be fussy at the beach)*
*Beautiful to look at*

Parachute Home Linen blend duvet in Sea 

Tough list, but this bedding meets the challenge!
It's made from a Linen/Cotton blend
so it's got great texture and breatheability
for hot, muggy nights by the sea.

The best part about natural fibers is that they are cool and lightweight
enough to keep you comfortable all summer
and yet weighty enough for the cooler months ahead.
What could be better than that?
Oh, did I mention they are machine washable too?

I'm in a slumber kind of mind
just thinking about it...


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Restaurant Confidential - The mess and the hunt

As we all know, 
with any renovation project...

you gotta put up with the mess
to get to the good part - the rebuilding.

But that's fine with us because it means progress!

As the old tiles come out, we're on the other side of town
hunting down quirky details for the interior, this vintage bar.
Yes, it has tacky velvet insets now, 
but oh, how it could be transformed!  
Maybe the host station?

I'm lovin' this mid-century lighting trio!
Just the right vibe we're going for - 
Classy casual with a sense of humor thrown in.

Great green glaze on this planter and the iron 
handles give it a nice aged look.  Hmmm....
patio or front entrance?

Onward to the salvage warehouse 
where you can find literally everything from a sofa
to a kitchen sink!
They even have this cool lighting section.
It's all there, from rustic industrial chic to 
ultra modern.  
I'm thinking about stirring it up with a mix of lighting styles
throughout the restaurant.
I envision pools of light that create a
cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you want to linger...

 You're not going to want to miss my next post!
I'll fill you in on the restaurant concept
the name!