Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Market Peek!

courtesy of High Point Market 
I will be spending alot of time in this building during the upcoming
Spring Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC.

But it's just one of many I will visit in search of the best new trends for 2016.
In fact, there are over 2000 exhibitors in 11.5 million sq ft of showroom space,
so I will be spending 4 days here, on my feet, to cover as much territory as possible.

Yes, it's an endurance test, for sure, but really...
it's so exhilarating that none of that matters.

It's total immersion in everything related to "Home"
from furniture to lighting, rugs, accessories and more
and I'm in creative overload from the time I arrive
to when I board the flight home.

Even though Market is a month away,
 I'm already checking out what seems to be bubbling up as hot trends
so I can put them on my radar when touring the showrooms.

Here are a few I'm watching...

John Richard cabinet

Metals, like brushed brass, are big,
especially in combination with gorgeous woods

Currey and Co Galactica Chandelier

Materials are being re-purposed in the most exotic ways,
This chandelier uses a mix of recycled glass and silver leaf to create its
other-worldly vibe!

Jessica Charles

"Femme Fatale" is taking its place at the top.
Covered in Rose Quartz, Pantone's color of the year, this chair at first seems demure...
take a closer look...
This time it's a little edgier than the past.
Strong curves pair with angular details in a new interpretation of
woman power!

I'll keep you posted on other Pre-Market discoveries
so check back!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bedroom Re-fresh

We don't always get to start with a clean slate...
In fact, more times than not, 
there are lots of existing pieces in a room that need to be incorporated in a new design.

"This can be a challenge
as I like to think of it,
an opportunity!" 

This week, I completed a redesign of a master bedroom in a high rise condo
that was a fresh combination of my client's own pieces and 
new ones I chose to mix in.

The room had all the essentials:  a headboard, rug, dresser and tables.

But the neutral walls and bedding didn't relate to the strong red rug.
And the furniture all matched, making it way too heavy and serious. 

It needed a facelift - just the right design elements 
to tie everything together and make it more interesting. 

Fabricut Fanella linen print
I started with this fabulous linen fabric and built the concept around it .
It already feels brighter, doesn't it?
Add blue walls and some key furnishings and now the room starts to come back to life!


Now it has "breathing" room.

I'll share the rest of the room with you next time.  
There's a surprise element that takes it up a notch!
Stay tuned...